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Love Yourself

I am in Love with Love
and Love is in love with me.
My body is in Love with the soul
and the soul is in Love with my body.
I opened my arms to Love
and Love embraced me like a lover.

When I read these words today, I was inspired by their depth and began to contemplate their meaning.  Recently I had been wondering what it really means to love yourself.  The Ten Commandments tell us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  But I had never heard much about what loving yourself really implies in this commandment.  It does seem that we can only love others to the degree that we love ourselves, like a comparison.  And that we must first know how to love ourselves.  I am sure it is somewhat different for each one of us, just as we are each unique as individuals.

Rumi’s words gave me a sense of what loving myself is really about.  Loving ourselves is a key part of our personal empowerment and improving the relationships we have with all in our life experience.

I invite you to spend some time and contemplate the meaning of Rumi’s words for you.   I promise that it will be enlightening! Have fun with this and let me know what you think!




When we stay true to ourselves and ALLOW  others to be who they are, we find the hidden treasures that come out of truly being here for each other.   These are some of life’s most precious gifts.  Even when we disagree, there is growth and learning through this blessing of contrast.  Embracing these times can raise our awareness, change our perspective and help us  empower ourselves as individuals while building strong, healthy relationships with others.

Communication Enhancer

Sweet Words imbued with humility cost nothing”

Kirpal Singh

How could this simple action improve our daily communications with one another?  If you try it, you may like it and enjoy the results you attract to yourself.  When I remember to do this, I feel good and so do the people I am talking to.   It is a win win combination, and it only takes your conscious, deliberate intention to do so!  It seems that doing this fosters respect, no matter what message is being delivered.  In this higher vibration of communicating, there are fewer misunderstandings and more allowing.  It doesn’t cost anything, but the rewards are priceless.  Put it to the test and see for yourself.  Enjoy!


A Good Plan Today is Better than a Perfect Plan Tomorrow.

-Gen, George S, Patton

DREAM and imagine the perfect plan, but start where you are at and deliberately MAKE a plan that feels good and natural to you right now.  Doing this will ATTRACT and inspire more ideas to create the more perfect method.  The plan will become perfected as you ALLOW it to unfold in it’s own time and way,  one step at a time.