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Time is the magical space where the change takes place.” -Nada

After a year of amazing classes, experiences, growth, learning, shifts, laughing, crying,  healing, home work, feed backs, coaching, being coached, pod groups, and wonderful new friends, that ended with a final exam and two lazer calls…I am now a Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach!  It seems like Magic to me as I reflect on the last year, where did it go!  While I was focusing on getting there, I arrived.  I was so overwhelmed with JOY and Gratitude!   It has been the most personally empowering experience I have ever had!

Isn’t all of life like this?  We want something, it becomes our intention, prayer and goal, we commit to it with all our heart and being, then while we are busy focusing on getting there…POOF!!…we arrive!  We are living the blessings of our heart’s desires!  This is how the Law Of Attraction works.  It is  important to be clear about what we want, hold our focus there,  see our self having it and practice having it until it arrives.  Our thoughts are powerful!

Now I am  focusing on my next passion, helping others change, grow, heal, shift and have their heart’s desires…as a successful, prosperous, thriving, full time life coach!

I would love to hear about your experience and how the Magical Space of Time has changed, or is changing your life!