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Sonora Grill Quote


Do you think of yourself as high maintenance?  When you go to a restaurant,  do you like to create your own meal by improving what is on the menu with additions, deletions, sides, etc.?   You know exactly what you want and exactly how you want it!  Some restaurants cater to you, while others quietly resist your requests, pretending that it is fine and try to comply with your desires.   You may feel like being this way is normal and shouldn’t carry a label, who cares anyway…?  But if you are like me, I was raised to not be as important as everyone else, and to always make others happy before meeting my own needs and desires.  So being high maintenance can be tough to pull off gracefully.  

Recently, I was at a restaurant and as I began to question the server about the possibilities of creating what I really wanted vs. what was on the menu, I noticed his smile of complete delight and willingness to bring me whatever I wanted.  It became an enjoyable experience unlike other times when I felt like I was imposing, or asking for the impossible.  The meal turned out to be even more delicious than I had expected, the server was pleased and everyone had a good time.  I was curious what made this experience so different from all the rest…then as we were leaving, the young man who waited on us was up at the front end.  I thanked him again and told him how much I appreciated his willingness to work with me, making reference to my being high maintenance.  To my surprise,  he not only told me I was very welcome, but said he understood…when people call him high maintenance, he simply tells them, “I am not high maintenance, I am high end.”  He went on to say that “high end” is a much more positive way to say it.  I couldn’t believe his openness and honesty…he really did understand how important it is to get exactly what you want exactly how you want it and it isn’t an imposition or problem.  When I think of being high maintenance, it feels restrictive and closed down, but being think of being high end, it feels expansive and uplifting!  When I left the restaurant, I felt nurtured, empowered and uplifted on all levels!  

When you are asking God, Spirit, Source for the desires of your heart, do you ask for exactly what you want?  Or, do you just settle for what comes along, good, or bad?   Let’s face it, when we ask, or pray for what we want, or need, we may feel a little high maintenance at times.  The Universe, God, our Source is actually a lot like the server in the restaurant, delighted and willing to give us exactly what we ask for in it’s most perfect form, that is for our highest good.  We can find more peace, joy and happiness when we begin to co create with the essence of all that is, from the truth of who we are.

What would happen if we connected to our heart, soul, or true self before we ask, or create?  Is it possible that we would be more high end with our desires, clear about exactly what we want, better able to co create with the Source of all that is and able to more easily manifest our abundance?…I would love to know what you think and feel!  


With Loving Light and Smiles,