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efforts and courage


Do you keep working harder and harder only to find out you are getting nowhere?

Are your courageous efforts getting you where you want to be in life?

If not, maybe you lack purpose and direction.

Without these, there is no fuel behind your actions to create what you want in life.

 Would you like to discover your purpose and direction in life?

When you think about what you are doing every day, do you feel passionate about it, or is it merely a survival game?

It is essential to have passion for the work you are doing, if you want to enjoy life and ever hope to get ahead.

What kind of things bring you passion and make you feel alive, as if time doesn’t exist?

Are they hobbies, favorite pass times, some kind of work that you are a natural at…?

When you discover what these are, write them down.

 Then contemplate each one as if it were a possible new career for you to pursue.

Now go back and think of each one again, noting how you feel when you imagine yourself in each possible position in your future.

Just imagine what each would look and feel like.

Now, select the one that feels the best and most natural to you.

 Allow yourself to create a virtual reality in your imagination and see yourself joyfully doing this work.

Feel how amazing it feels…

Does it bring you a feeling of passion, purpose and direction?

How could you go about creating this possible career in your future?

What resources do you have?

Who do you know who can help?

How much courageous effort are you willing to put out to achieve this dream job?

Are you willing to keep going if you fail the first, second, third time…?

What can you do when this happens?

Are you willing to embrace your success when and how it comes?

Is living your passion worth it?

With a little effort and courage, your honest answers to these questions will help you find your purpose and direction in life!

It is your choice what you do with it.

All I know is that living your passion is soooo worth it!!!


Once you discover your life purpose and direction, I can help you along the way to your awesome future.  My support and creative guidance will empower you each time we work together.  My past experience finding my own purpose and direction and learning to live my passion will help you avoid common pit falls.  Contact me today for a FREE Introductory Coaching Session to discover how I can help you live the life of your dreams!

Loving Light and Smiles,