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Find Financial Freedom – LIVE Your Truth ✨


Join us for The Money Fitness Summit

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Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂

From Struggling Servant-Heart to Wealthy Light worker!


You know, in your heart, that it’s possible to make money while doing what you love. By shining your light.

You’ve seen others do it – authors, artists, healers, coaches, musicians, and other lightworkers who have become successful while pursuing their hearts’ deepest passion.

But sometimes you feel like there’s just something missing and for whatever reason, the money doesn’t come. Does this sound familiar? 

Does any of this resonate?

  • You’ve taken on debt to pursue your passion and the stress of that debt is weighing heavily on your shoulders
  • You keep trying to push for the next big goal, but never quite hit it
  • You find yourself giving your services away for free or undercharging
  • You are worried about what loved ones or friends will think if you start to make more money
  • You believe thoughts like, “Money is dirty,” or “I don’t need money to be happy,” or “If I become wealthy, then I’m taking money away from someone else.”

If any of the above rings true for you, then I want to introduce you to my friend, Colleen Markham. She’s gathered over 21 global thought leaders (including myself!) on the topic of abundance & money, interviewed them, and is sharing our wisdom with you as part of the free Wealthy Lightworker Interview Series.

As lightworkers, we have a responsibility to be wealthy. We are here to serve others, to show them what is possible, to blaze a trail of self-love. If we want to see the shift in our collective consciousness that we all so desperately desire, then we need to get REAL COMFORTABLE with the energy of money.

Because that is all it is, after all – energy. And this series will give you invaluable tools and techniques that you can start implementing RIGHT AWAY to learn how to work with the energy of abundance and wealth.

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Just think of what the world would look like if the lightworkers held the wealth. Can you visualize all the GOOD that we could do, together?

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Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂

It’s Time To Break The Silence!!!


My friend, Gila Nehemia, has featured me in her new online video interview


Break the Silence: Explore Creative Ways to Freely Express your Erotic Divine

Feminine Nature.

This series will launch on 2/13/18. She was a domestic violence

victim and changed her life around to live an erotic pleasurable life.

You will learn more about self-love, self-pleasure, sacred sexuality and more in this

groundbreaking free series!  As my guest, you have a complimentary



Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂



My friend Linda Parker has created this amazing online interview series,


that is absolutely FREE –

I will be joining her with many other experts

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and start living your life instead of letting life just happen!

If you want to learn how to recognize your limiting beliefs,

zap the crazy talk in your head,

overcome self-sabotage,

create daily habits for success

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Nada 🙂


Here’s how to make love a priority in your life!!!

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