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If you are a habitual people pleaser, like I have been, it is probably hard to feel personally empowered, free to be yourself, or happy, joyful, peaceful and loving.  Instead, it can make you feel unempowered, imprisoned, stressed, anxious, codependent and victimized.

Over time, this habit can become a big part of your identity and make you lose sight of who you really are.  You may not even realize that you are being a people pleaser because it is the only way you know how to be. As others pick up on this, you find yourself allowing them to use you.  Then you become a victim of their desires.

As you choose to put your wants and needs last, you begin to resent that you are always making everyone else happy by sacrificing your own needs. This can make you feel like you are very good at making peace, but not good at feeling so peaceful within yourself.  You deny yourself having good feelings so that others can have them. You may start to feel like you are the martyr and suffering in silence as you try to borrow some of the good feelings you are so freely giving away to others.

What makes you do this?  Don’t you matter as much as they do?  Where did this come from?

I know that I learned this from my mother.  As I grew up, my mother’s model of being perfect to make others happy taught me how to please others by putting them first.  Over time, with repetition and practice, I became just like her.

As soon as I became aware that I was a people pleaser, I made a conscious decision to change this habit.  The choice I made to be a model of thriving while being personally empowered and uplifting others from my position of strength, clarity, and alignment has become such a rich blessing.  It has made me Free To Be Me.

If you feel like you have been leaving yourself behind and putting others needs and wants first, I invite you to freely choose to BE YOU too, right now, by putting your dominant hand over your heart and promising yourself that from this moment forward you will take whatever steps you are inspired to take to thrive, become personally empowered from a position of strength, clarity, and alignment.  This conscious decision alone will help you shift your present course to help you open up to the path to your freedom.

Then to reinforce this conscious choice, practice these simple steps every day:

  • Take time to follow your heart every moment of every day by making decisions based on what feels best to you, no matter what others say or do.  

  • Just pause, breathe and relax. 

  • Allow the best answer/direction for you to come into your mind.

  • When you are ready, take action based on how you feel, guided by your heart, soul, and higher self.

  • Check-in with yourself to see how you are feeling about continuing to move in the direction you choose.  Sometimes it only takes a small adjustment to make all the difference in feeling totally comfortable and free.

  • As you feel inspired, make any adjustments in the direction you are moving.  You can change your path whenever you want. No decision is ever set in cement.

  • Have Fun!  Just Enjoy Experiencing and Experimenting with what works best for You!

With diligent practice and the power of your intention, before you know it, you will be living free, being who you truly are with everyone and under any and all circumstances. 

If you are interested in finding out more on how to make the changes you desire in your life, please contact me for a Free Strategy Session by clicking HERE  and I promise you, we will have fun as you rediscover your True Self!


Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂



How Do You Find Your Purpose and Direction to Start Living Your Dream?


Do you keep working harder and harder only to find out you are getting nowhere?  Are your courageous efforts getting you where you want to be in life? If not, maybe you lack purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy once said that “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”  Without these, there is no fuel behind your actions to create what you want in life.  

How do you discover your purpose and direction in life?  Here are some simple steps to help you tap into your own knowing about what is true for you.

1.   Begin by writing down your answers to these questions:

  • When you think about what you are doing every day, do you feel passionate about it, or is it merely a survival game?  If you want to enjoy life and get ahead, it is essential to have a passion for the work you are doing.

  • What kind of things bring you passion and make you feel alive, as if time doesn’t exist?  Are they hobbies, favorite pastimes, some kind of work that you are a natural at…?

2.  Then contemplate each one as if it were a possible new career for you to pursue.

3.  Now go back and think of each one again, noting how you feel when you imagine yourself in each possible position in your future.  Just close your eyes and imagine what each would look and feel like.

4.  Now, select the one that feels the best and most natural to you.

5.  Allow yourself to create a virtual reality in your imagination and see yourself joyfully doing this work.  Feel how amazing it feels… Does it bring you a feeling of passion, purpose, and direction?

6.  Take time to contemplate how you could go about creating this possible career in your future.  

7.  Write down the answers to the following questions:

  • What resources do you have to help you pursue this possible future?

  • Who do you know who can help?

  • How much courageous effort are you willing to put out to live your passion?

  • Are you willing to keep going if you fail the first, second, third time…?

  • What can you do if this happens?

  • Are you willing to embrace your success when and how it comes?

  • Is living your passion worth it?

With a little effort and courage, your honest answers to these questions will help you find your purpose and direction in life!  Then it is your choice where you go from there.  

Jennifer Krause once told Oprah that, “As long as you keep letting life ask you another question—and reveal that there is always more for you to be and do—you are unstoppable.” 

When you discover your life purpose and begin moving in its direction, there are unlimited possibilities that will evolve to take you beyond living your wildest dreams. As you continue asking yourself more questions, like the ones above and tapping into your own knowing, it will keep you aligned with your true passion every step of the way. 

All I know is that living your dream is soooo worth it!!!


Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂