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Finding Yourself By Being Authentically YOU!


It’s a crazy, busy world out there, where we often find ourselves in a space of trying to perform and change ourselves to gain acceptance and belonging. Sometimes we can get so caught up with keeping in step that we don’t remember to seek out our own stride. Even when we know, deep down in our core being, that our strength lies in our self-worth, it isn’t always easy to muster the confidence.

It’s never been a better time to be open to this struggle and be vulnerable while striving to be stronger. Are you hitting the wall when it comes to embracing your self-worth? Do you struggle with understanding who you really are, and what you really want with your one beautiful life?

I’m excited to share an event that will change the way you think about this powerful and exciting journey. The Finding Yourself Masterclass Series  is a free, online interview series with leading lifestyle, wellness, and mindset experts who want to help you expand your capacity to love yourself, own your story, and walk your own true path. I’m so pleased to be among this incredible line-up of psychologists, authors, coaches, mind-body experts, and much, much more.

From unearthing the neuroscience behind our feelings of self-worth to building an action plan that will help eliminate self-doubt and build confidence in your true identity and purpose, the Finding Yourself Masterclass is a necessary tool for everyone!

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