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How to Receive Your Personalized Guided Meditation from Nada!


Have you ever wanted to receive a unique meditation journey that is designed and downloaded specifically for you and your individual issue?  A magical transmission of healing energy that will help you move past your blocks without the cost of a full-on coaching session?

Nada will meditate and focus on you and your intention as she connects with the essence of your energy, your inner guides and teachers.  Then she will record an Amazing and Inspired Journey that will help you work with your Higher Self to help you shift your energy around the subject and move forward to continue to create the desires of your heart.

If you have never felt her energy and/or heard her voice, Click Here for a sample of one of Nada’s guided meditations.

CLICK THIS LINK to find out how to Receive Your Personalized Guided Meditation from Nada


Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂







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