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Holiday Spiritual center

What is the real purpose of the Christmas Holidays for you?

Do they still have a spiritual focus for you?

 Can you find that memory somewhere deep inside?

Now gently close your eyes and breathe this memory of peace, joy and love, or whatever it is for you, in and out, feeling its amazing energy flowing through every cell in your body.

Become so focused on experiencing it that you feel like you are it.

In this space you connect with yourself in a way that you begin to pave the perfect path to staying spiritually centered anytime.

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and your feelings help amplify your thoughts into inspired action.

So the experience of connecting with your inner self helps you create more of the same in each moment.

How do you do this, especially during the holidays when there are so many distractions and other things that consume our attention?

It is simply a matter of choosing to use the power of your intention and then practice being there.

One of the best and easiest things you can do to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level is to breathe deeply in and out, focusing on your breath.

You can do this anywhere, anytime no matter what is going on around you.

Give yourself permission to say “no”.

Avoid taking action that is forced or that doesn’t feel right to you in the moment.

Say “yes” and take action when it feels right and good, coming from a place of inspiration instead of intellectual analysis.

Consider creating new traditions that carry some of the flavor and best feelings from the past, but work better, feel better, and are more appropriate for your present situation.

Accept where you are at in the moment.

Be real with yourself.

For example, if you have a full time job, a new baby, a sick child and it’s your turn to have the holiday dinner at your house, suggest going out instead. You need the time, space and energy to handle what’s on your own plate right now.

Be in the present moment.

When things change, “go with the flow”.

Resistance will only drain your precious energy, so let go of any past, present or future expectations.

Use the power of your intention, or prayer to remain peaceful and focused on your true purpose in the “center of the storm” happening all around you.

Express your gratitude and feel grateful for all that you have been blessed with each day, hour, and moment.

Have fun, enjoy, laugh, relax, etc.

Leave the dishes, schedule or itinerary you have set when you have a chance to be with family and friends.

Love them and share time together.

Take time to be alone to love and take care of yourself.

Stay true to yourself in whatever way you are inspired to in the moment; however you find it best to relax, refresh and renew your soul:

Take a hot bath or shower.

Meditate, Do some Yoga or Qi Gong, Go to Church.

Go for a walk in nature.

Get away from the present situation and breathe.

Go to the Gym.

Listen to your favorite music.

Watch a movie.

Take a nap.

Savor a cup of tea.

One of my favorite processes  to use this time of year to help me stay focused and spiritually centered is “segment Intending” from Abraham Hicks.

Before I go to sleep, or when I wake up in the morning, I think about how amazing I want my day to go each step of the way as I feel how good it feels throughout my whole body.

When I create time, I also like to journal, or write this all down as if it had already happened, feeling extremely grateful and fulfilled.

Listing at least 5 to 10 things I am grateful for each day also helps keep me positive and centered.

It helps me connect with my unlimited abundance from God/Source/the Universe.

Daily meditation and prayer is essential to maintaining my spiritual focus throughout my day.

Even 5 minutes a day can change my whole perspective and allow the desires of my heart to flow more easily to me.

When life happens and I am in a challenging situation, I like to use  “Wouldn’t It Be Nice…”,  Abraham Hicks process to pivot myself to a better possibility than the one I am experiencing in the moment.

This raises my vibration and gives me something to do other than react.

 After thinking what would be nice, or what I would prefer it to be like, I use another Abraham Hicks processes called “Turning It Over To The Manager” to help me let go of the situation and allow whatever is for everyone’s highest good to happen.

This frees me to be able to stay grounded in my heart/soul/spirit center where I can easily take inspired action in the present moment.

The secret to staying spiritually centered during the holidays is simply to choose to stay true to yourself in the middle of all the holiday distractions and demands on your time.

You will have everything you need to maintain this in each holiday moment once you make the choice to do so and remember to always follow your inner guidance.

Our spirituality is there to help us lighten up and enjoy our lives, especially during the holidays!

 Loving Light and Smiles,





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