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Is Procrastination Holding You Back?

Do you ever feel like you have so many things you want to accomplish that you can’t ever seem to get them done, or even start doing them?  How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel like you are lazy? Do you get frustrated with yourself? Do you feel like a failure? Is that how you want to feel?

The dictionary defines procrastination as:

  1. the action of delaying or postponing something

In my experience, I found that even when I felt like I was procrastinating, eventually everything still got done. Even if it didn’t get done, I realized that it all worked out better than I ever expected it to.  I often wondered what was making me feel so bad.

As I began learning more about the Law of Attraction and how “like attracts like”, it dawned on me that my thoughts could be attracting the way I was feeling.  When I started consciously watching my thoughts, I decided to try to think about procrastination in a more positive way. I began to realize that maybe it was just a way to delay what wasn’t meant to happen at that time or at all.  Knowing that made me feel a lot better and I began to be easier on myself whenever I felt like I was procrastinating. It even felt better to think about it as perfect timing instead of procrastination.

When I began to relax about getting it all done, new resources and people became available that made everything so much easier and faster to accomplish.  I opened up to new possibilities of how it all could get done. I started getting excited about how it was all going to get done. Before I knew it, I began enjoying taking action to complete whatever I wanted to do.  I was definitely having more Fun.

In my experience, it is our perspective that creates our reality.  Now when I think of all the things I want to accomplish, I know it will all be done in its own perfect timing.  Procrastination no longer exists in my thoughts. If it ever does come to mind, I just reach for better feeling thoughts about it.

Here are some of the better feeling thoughts I discovered about procrastination:

  • I have plenty of time to get this done

  • I have, know or can find out what I need to get this done

  • I have enough energy to complete everything I want to do

  • It is O.K. to take time to relax before I begin

  • I am successful in all areas of my life

  • It will all get done in the perfect time and the perfect way

  • I now allow myself to accomplish all that needs to be done

  • It is Fun to do whatever I want

  • It is exciting to look for all the possible ways to get everything done

  • The better I feel, the easier it all gets accomplished

I encourage you to start watching what you are thinking when you feel like you are procrastinating.  Then follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Create a list of your own better feeling thoughts to add to the list above.  

  2. Read them whenever you feel like you are being held back by your own thoughts about procrastination.

  3. Check in with yourself often to see how you feel.  

  4. Notice your thoughts and how they have changed your perception about procrastination.  

  5. See the difference in the outcome.  

  6. Relax, Enjoy and have Fun!  It will all get done!

Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂





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