Essential Connections With Nada Monthly Group Coaching for October 2018



Do you want to find the missing piece for Creating the Success you want in your life?

As a Master Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Energy Healer,  Nada knows what it takes to Enjoy creating your Awesome Future effortlessly and easily, by working with all of the Universal Laws.  She will work with you, on an individual basis during these group calls to make sure you learn how to do this for yourself.  

JOIN NADA the first three Tuesdays of October, at 9 pm Eastern, 6 pm Pacific and she will guide you through 3 powerful meditations and coaching sessions that focus on how to Create more Success in your life by being who you truly are!  

These transformational sessions will teach you how to connect to your Divine Self, open your heart and intuition to receive inspiration and learn how to Become Successful by Being Authentically YOU!

All sessions are recorded if you miss a call or just want to relisten and dive deeper into how to create your own unique success.


A Free Open Forum Group Session on the 4th Tuesday of the month is also included where you can ask questions, celebrate each other’s successes,  and just having Fun being together and supporting each other! 

When you join, you will also become a lifetime member of Nada’s private Facebook group page where you can post your successes and questions.  Nada also shares brief insights here on a daily basis to inspire and support you on your journey to your Authentic Self.

Open up to Receive your Unique Success Now and register for this Incredible Opportunity!!!



1 review for Essential Connections With Nada Monthly Group Coaching for October 2018

  1. Tara Soliz

    I’m so excited to share my experience with Nada’s Group Coaching Calls! I have been part of the group for 1 year, and I am ready to sign up for next month’s group. During this year I truly became more authentically me! I was so amazed at the end of each month at the progress I had made. During this year, so many of my desires have manifested. I bought my perfect beautiful home. I drastically changed my relationship with money, and I am starting a business doing something I love! Nada is pleasant yet strong, she knows just how to guide me thru the contrast. I showed up many times to the calls in the midst of my contrast, she held a higher vision for me and helped ground me, and never judged me. I felt free to express how I was truly feeling at the moment. Nada is a great Coach, she is highly intuitive and gives the best mediations. Thank you so much Nada!!
    -Tara Soliz

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