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Soul and growth


What is enlightenment?  Does it feel like some distant, elusive state that you hope to reach some day?  This is how I have felt at times throughout my life.  As I continue to do my inner growth work, healing and shifting into a more expanded awareness of who I really am,  it seems much clearer to me that it is simply the work we came here to do.  We came to earth in physical bodies to be able to experience and know that we still are our soul, God within us, no matter what we look like.   As the light of our spirit illuminates the way,  the divine love we feel in our heart gently guides us back to the truth of who we are.  When we learn to listen and act on this inspiration, our life flows with the peace, joy and love that can only come from God, Goddess, All That Is!  And because that is simply who we are, in time, we are assured of  this victory!

I would love to hear your thoughts, feelings and ideas about enlightenment.  Thank you for reading and sharing!




Lou Watkins-Ratcliffe 27-01-2013, 02:26

Wow Nada I totally relate to all that you said and Now on a similar path fell exactly what you say that this is why I /we are here . I am becoming more and more aware every day of the changes that are happening to me and my family as I do my inner work and am pleasantly surprised at the questions that come from the least likely sources .
I am loving the domino effect, if you will, of others changing purely by a change in me to certain situations and my now chosen re-action.
Awareness is everything.
Happy Journeys . xx
Cheers Lou.

nadasessentials 27-01-2013, 08:36

Hi Lou,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and experience! It is so wonderful to realize how wide spread this “Awareness” is becoming. Waking up to the realization of who we are and how our choices affect us and others is such a rich blessing for all!
Loving Light and Smiles,


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