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How Do You Find Your Purpose and Direction to Start Living Your Dream?


Do you keep working harder and harder only to find out you are getting nowhere?  Are your courageous efforts getting you where you want to be in life? If not, maybe you lack purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy once said that “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”  Without these, there is no fuel behind your actions to create what you want in life.  

How do you discover your purpose and direction in life?  Here are some simple steps to help you tap into your own knowing about what is true for you.

1.   Begin by writing down your answers to these questions:

  • When you think about what you are doing every day, do you feel passionate about it, or is it merely a survival game?  If you want to enjoy life and get ahead, it is essential to have a passion for the work you are doing.

  • What kind of things bring you passion and make you feel alive, as if time doesn’t exist?  Are they hobbies, favorite pastimes, some kind of work that you are a natural at…?

2.  Then contemplate each one as if it were a possible new career for you to pursue.

3.  Now go back and think of each one again, noting how you feel when you imagine yourself in each possible position in your future.  Just close your eyes and imagine what each would look and feel like.

4.  Now, select the one that feels the best and most natural to you.

5.  Allow yourself to create a virtual reality in your imagination and see yourself joyfully doing this work.  Feel how amazing it feels… Does it bring you a feeling of passion, purpose, and direction?

6.  Take time to contemplate how you could go about creating this possible career in your future.  

7.  Write down the answers to the following questions:

  • What resources do you have to help you pursue this possible future?

  • Who do you know who can help?

  • How much courageous effort are you willing to put out to live your passion?

  • Are you willing to keep going if you fail the first, second, third time…?

  • What can you do if this happens?

  • Are you willing to embrace your success when and how it comes?

  • Is living your passion worth it?

With a little effort and courage, your honest answers to these questions will help you find your purpose and direction in life!  Then it is your choice where you go from there.  

Jennifer Krause once told Oprah that, “As long as you keep letting life ask you another question—and reveal that there is always more for you to be and do—you are unstoppable.” 

When you discover your life purpose and begin moving in its direction, there are unlimited possibilities that will evolve to take you beyond living your wildest dreams. As you continue asking yourself more questions, like the ones above and tapping into your own knowing, it will keep you aligned with your true passion every step of the way. 

All I know is that living your dream is soooo worth it!!!


Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂



Do You Want to Find the Missing Piece for Creating the Success You Want in Your Life?


Find the Missing Piece to Create the Successful Future you Deserve and Want!

As a Master Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Energy Healer,  Nada knows what it takes to Enjoy creating your Awesome Future effortlessly and easily, by working with all of the Universal Laws.  She will work with you, on an individual basis during these group calls to make sure you learn how to do this for yourself.  

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Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂



This Complimentary Series Could Change Your Life!

Join me and more than 21 experts on mindset and life design to share my knowledge and experience in a complimentary online interview series to give YOU practical advice for creating change.

If you’re like so many of the people I talk to, you might feel unfulfilled in your life, and wish things could be different. But from where you’re standing right now, you just can’t see a way to make the leap to something that fills you up … that gives you a sense of purpose and meaning.

I have good news: with the right mindset and tools, you CAN make the change you’re craving. You CAN quiet that voice and step confidently into your purpose!

My friend, Heidi Schalk, a Transformation and Health Coach, is hosting this complimentary series and it’s called The Transformation Method: How to Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs, Take Back Your Power And Create The Life You Desire! It starts September 10th, and you can reserve your no-cost spot right here, now:

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Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂



Finding Yourself By Being Authentically YOU!


It’s a crazy, busy world out there, where we often find ourselves in a space of trying to perform and change ourselves to gain acceptance and belonging. Sometimes we can get so caught up with keeping in step that we don’t remember to seek out our own stride. Even when we know, deep down in our core being, that our strength lies in our self-worth, it isn’t always easy to muster the confidence.

It’s never been a better time to be open to this struggle and be vulnerable while striving to be stronger. Are you hitting the wall when it comes to embracing your self-worth? Do you struggle with understanding who you really are, and what you really want with your one beautiful life?

I’m excited to share an event that will change the way you think about this powerful and exciting journey. The Finding Yourself Masterclass Series  is a free, online interview series with leading lifestyle, wellness, and mindset experts who want to help you expand your capacity to love yourself, own your story, and walk your own true path. I’m so pleased to be among this incredible line-up of psychologists, authors, coaches, mind-body experts, and much, much more.

From unearthing the neuroscience behind our feelings of self-worth to building an action plan that will help eliminate self-doubt and build confidence in your true identity and purpose, the Finding Yourself Masterclass is a necessary tool for everyone!

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Loving Light and Smiles,
Nada 🙂



Wellness Advocate and Quantum Success Coach Nada Howarth to be Featured on CUTV News Radio


BRIGHAM CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2018 / — Nada Howarth has a unique ability to coach and help others heal themselves, a gift discovered during the course of her own healing when Nada realized she no longer wanted to bring trauma or abuse into her life. Nada believes understanding polarity can be the key to change for most of us; starting from a point of what you don’t want can help you realize what it is that you do want in your life. Polarity is a universal law that says if there is darkness there is light. The Law of Attraction is another universal law that says as you think, so you become, or like attracts like. These universal laws are as real as gravity and create the foundation of how all life functions. The Laws of Attraction is one of several coaching and wellness specialties in which Nada has become a master practitioner.

Nada is also a Reiki Master who channels the primal energy from which we are all created and facilitates healing for clients. By changing their perspective, helping them become open to their unlimited beliefs, releasing blockages and discovering what their energy resonates with, people are able to grow and create their own healing. Each time Nada starts with a client it is different and divinely-guided. Sometimes she taps into the energy in person, other times it’s done remotely, and she may incorporate crystals and time-tested energy techniques and processes. Regardless, it is always powerful, individualized and based upon findings about energy and the quantum field. Everything is energy according to Quantum Physics, and we are really only 4% physical matter and 96% spirit or energy. Scientists have yet to find the smallest particle of matter.

Nada was hand-selected to train under Christy Whitman, a noted trainer, and speaker who runs the international coaching organization known as Quantum Success Coaching Academy (which gave rise to more than 3,500 certified Laws of Attraction coaches.) They all share a deep desire to understand and apply the universal laws related to attraction, abundance, and detachment; to awaken the light body, and to bring dreams into reality.

Besides coaching, instructing and healing, Nada’s full complement of wellness services includes essential oils and guided meditations. Collectively, they are known as Nada’s Essentials. Knowing the level of awareness CUTV News listeners possess, Nada is offering them access to a recording of her meditations. They are digitally-mastered and set to music in a way that will help people easily connect with their authentic self. To sign up for this free gift, visit, click the free gift widget on the right, then enter your name and e-mail.

Nada has become internationally recognized from teaching and mentoring people for the Academy, and also for coaching and doing energy healing with people in many countries beyond the US — Australia, Germany, Pakistan, India, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, and Sweden to name a few. She participated in the Authentic Woman Summit, Money Fitness Summit, and other conferences and also appeared on Purpose Talk Radio. She would love to guide more people on how to bring pure energy into their life, ground it in the physical manifestation and move towards new happiness, success, and health. Nada stresses that what you create all starts with this moment.

CUTV News will feature Coach Nada Howarth of Nada’s Essentials in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Monday, August 27 at 4:00 pm.

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