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How to Receive Your Personalized Guided Meditation from Nada!


Have you ever wanted to receive a unique meditation journey that is designed and downloaded specifically for you and your individual issue?  A magical transmission of healing energy that will help you move past your blocks without the cost of a full-on coaching session?

Nada will meditate and focus on you and your intention as she connects with the essence of your energy, your inner guides and teachers.  Then she will record an Amazing and Inspired Journey that will help you work with your Higher Self to help you shift your energy around the subject and move forward to continue to create the desires of your heart.

If you have never felt her energy and/or heard her voice, Click Here for a sample of one of Nada’s guided meditations.

CLICK THIS LINK to find out how to Receive Your Personalized Guided Meditation from Nada


Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂





Time is the Magical Space Where Healing Takes Place


What Makes Time so Magical?  Does It Really Heal? How is this possible? How much time does it take to heal?…

In the space that time creates, healing can happen, just like magic, by consciously using the Law of Attraction!   The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that gives you the ability to attract into your life whatever you are focusing on.

When you stop resisting what’s happening in the moment and allow everything to be perfect the way it is, you become open to the unlimited abundance of the Universe and many new possibilities for healing.  Your awareness of all the inspired actions you can take to help you heal will become crystal clear.

As you accept what is creating an imbalance of wellbeing in your life and monitor your thoughts and feelings about it, you can start to speed up the process of healing!  The more you shift your thoughts from a lack of well being to what feels good right now, you will bring more of what feels good into your life.  That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

When you are focused on feeling better, you forget about how long it will take to heal, time does its magic and you find yourself enjoying the abundance of health and well being that was yours all along!

While you are focusing on your wellbeing, at some point, you will simply arrive there!   This creates the most personally empowering experience, filling you with so much JOY and Gratitude!

Isn’t all of life like this?  You want something, it becomes your intention, prayer and goal, you commit to it with all our heart and being, then while you are busy focusing on being there…POOF!!…you arrive!  You are living the blessings of your heart’s desires! This is exactly how the Law Of Attraction works. 

What can you do to speed up the process of healing?  Here are six steps that will help you:

  • It is essential to be crystal clear about exactly what you want, why you want it and how you want to feel.  To make it even more powerful, write this down so you can refer to it throughout the day. 

  • Do whatever it takes to pivot your thoughts and hold your focus on where you want to be each moment throughout the day.  It takes practice and the power of your intention to make these new thoughts an automatic response to whatever you are feeling and experiencing in the moment.

  • See yourself having the health and wellbeing you want and imagine how that will look and feel.  Our thoughts and feelings are so powerful!

  • Enjoy the journey.  Flow with the process of getting there and savor every moment.  You get to choose how you respond to your own unique healing experience.  

  • What you learn along the way is just as important as being there.  Celebrate every Amazing step of the way.  

  • Allow it to take as long as it needs to take.  Time is the magical space where healing takes place.” Nada

Is time magic?  Does it heal? What do you think?  I would love to hear about your experience and how the Magical Space of Time has helped heal you and your life!



Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂






Calling All Caregivers!



Thank you everyone for joining me to find out how be a better Caregiver and have more Fun in the Process!!!

The link to the recording is pasted below: ENJOY!!! <3 🙂

Calling All Caregivers to Connect to Your Soul


Loving Light and Smiles,

Nada 🙂




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  • Balancing Your Chakras or Energy Centers

  • Releasing Old Energy That No Longer Serves You

  • Renewing, Refreshing and Empowering Yourself with New Energy from Your Higher Well Being

  • Finding Simple New Ways to Create the Life of Your Dreams

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