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As I teach my precious little 5 year old Primary class at church, I have often been amazed at how happy they are with just about everything.  They aren’t affected by what their teacher thinks needs to happen, even when I say “we’d better get back to the lesson.”  They are so happy to be talking about what ever amazing thing happened in their life, or playing with their tie, or hair bow, giggling together, moving about as if they were dancing in their chairs, etc., while I am worrying  about what could go wrong if I can’t teach them to be still and hear the lesson.  I have to laugh at how exhausted and unhappy I felt after having them for an hour of sharing time with the other classes and an hour of classroom time with me.

Then one day, as I was trying to teach them in the midst of constant distraction, one of the little boys opened his Scriptures to the beautiful pictures of the Holy Land and quietly focused on each page with a smile.  It wasn’t long before the girl next to him was also caught up in these wonderful pictures.  They didn’t seem to be causing a distraction, so I let them be as I watched with curiosity and kept trying to get the message across about sharing.   When the next little girl joined the group, I stopped talking and just watched, fascinated at their ability to focus, be happy and quiet for so long.  They didn’t even seem to notice that I was quiet.  Then my teaching partner walked over to them and began to tell them about each of the pictures.  All of the children gathered around and were excited and happy to learn about each of the pictures.  I also joined them and felt the worry about what could go wrong  leave my thoughts as I began to enjoy them learning how to share.  When class ended, I felt energized and HAPPY!

I haven’t taught class the same way since!  My 5 year old class had taught me how to erase my files of what could go wrong and enjoy what is going right!!



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